GEA Timber Venture Inc.'s Science-Based Technology

GEA Timber Venture Inc. is using science-based strategies to restore forest cover to the Philippines' massive areas of deforested lands involving 6.0 million hectares. Our company has the technical skills and management capability to produce good quality timber trees that can mature in a relatively short period of 8 years compared to temperate countries where trees require 15-20 years to produce quality timber.

Why We Use Cloned Seedlings of Superior Trees:

Cloning of superior mother trees found in natural forests, in reforestation areas, and in private tree plantations, has the following advantages. Cloning involves multiplication of seedlings derived from rooted three-leaf shoots gathered from superior mother trees, which will carry the same genetic materials as the mother trees. Cloned trees grow taller, have bigger diameter, and therefore yield bigger wood volume per hectare than trees derived from seeds. Cloned trees yield two times the volume of trees raised from seeds. These trees can also attain the desired diameter of tree trunks within 8 years, and grow faster than trees raised from seeds---thus the waiting time to harvesting is reduced by two or three years (Claveria Tree Nursery, Inc.-CTNI).

The tree species available for planting in GEA timber plantation include Gmelina arborea (Gmelina), Eucalyptus deglupta (Bagras), and Acacia mangium (Mangium).

Eucalyptus clone one month old; new shoots rapidly
taking off in growth; Libona, Bukidnon

( Photo courtesy of Claveria Tree Nursery Inc. )

Eucalyptus clones; 7 months old; Libona, Bukidnon
( Photo courtesy of Claveria Tree Nursery Inc. )

GEA's Three Timber Plantation Modules:

GEA Timber Venture Inc. has targeted development of deforested lands through our strategy of promoting three plantation modules: (i) 100-hectare nucleus timber plantation units, (ii) 1,000-ha timber plantations, and (iii) 10,000 ha timber plantations.

(i) 100-hectare Nucleus Tree Plantation Units:

Under the nucleus timber plantation module, our company will be able to promote the development of viable timber enterprises in partnership with upland communities located in relatively difficult-to-reach terrain, by cutting and processing of the timber at the sites to produce sawn good quality timber. Under the nucleus timber plantation concept, our company will serve as the nucleus for developing cloned seedling plantation by providing extension service to upland farmers in the surrounding communities. Our timber plantation will demonstrate the benefits of using cloning technology, making these cloned seedlings available at reasonable costs, providing technical assistance on proper planting, pruning of branches to produce good quality timber, and proper harvesting and processing of either individual or community plantations to produce good quality timber. The support of concerned barangay officials will be sought to encourage them to invest in timber plantations a part of their internal revenue allocations (IRA) to triple their community development funds from the incomes for the timber plantations.

(ii) 1,000-ha Timber Plantations Units:

To provide a steady supply of wood biofuel to our potential partners, such as the international and local power-generating companies, GEA Timber Venture Inc. will develop the 1,000-ha timber plantation units. Each unit will establish 1,000-ha plantations over a four-year period by planting on sequential basis 100 hectares, 200 hectares, 300 hectares and 400 hectares in years 1 to 4. Our company will continue to expand the timber plantation areas by developing a second 1,000 hectare timber plantation unit-by planting on Year 5, 400 hectares annually between Years 4 to 8. Thus we can ensure the continuous supply of wooden biofuel (wood chips or wooden pellets) on yearly basis, starting on Year 4, to meet the biofuel requirements of our partner companies. In addition, our partner companies will be able to harvest good quality timber logs to be sold to either local or foreign wood companies---thus providing a hefty income to our partner companies every 9th year, thus they will be able to reap wood biofuel and good quality timber over a 9-year cycle, thereby providing benefits twice over for our partners.

(iii) 10,000-ha Timber Plantations Units:

By combining our own GEA Timber Venture Inc. timber plantations and those from our clients, such as owners of idle private lands (varying in sizes from 10 hectares to 10,000 hectares), and the 1,000-hectare timber plantation units of our partner power-generating companies, our module of developing 10,000-hectare for a 10-year period in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, will be realized.