The Age of the Wood will be Back
By Oscar A. Gendrano

Many forestry experts agree that the only effective solution to slowing down decimation of natural forest, and still meet the world's wood demand, is the massive establishment of forest plantations, to serve : (a) as buffer zones to stem the tide of the advancing armies of hungry tillers; and to (b) meet the increasing wood demand; (c) provide protection against soil erosion and consequent siltation of rivers; (d) provide employment to the rural population; (e) restore the wildlife population...(Download PDF to read more)

Money Can, Indeed, Grow On Trees!
By Oscar A. Gendrano

Both the economic and environmental benefits of planting trees are easy to see. It is, therefore, only a matter of time when savvy investors recognize that putting money in growing trees will be both "green" and environment-friendly. The substantial revenue flow, compared to other ventures, will put a new and more realistic meaning to the saying that: "Money will grow on trees!"...(Download PDF to read more)